Hi, my name is Emery Streets and I am a freshman at Gallatin High School. I’ve been playing soccer since I was three, and I’ve always loved it. I enjoy competing as a team at a high level. I’m a very competitive and driven person, and I always try my hardest at anything I do. Every game and practice I want to give it everything I’ve got on the field, 110% effort. I am also very coachable, and I desire feedback and constructive criticism about my play so that I can learn and grow. I enjoy reading and drawing in my spare time, which I think translates onto the field well. I like making and learning creative runs and moves to do on the ball, and then implementing them into my game. I’ve always wanted to play college soccer, and then professionally beyond that. I’m a very motivated, dedicated, and hardworking player, and I think I would excel in a college soccer, student-athlete environment.